Writing Coach/ Author/ Educator

Definition of Creative

As an award-winning educator and author, writing and teaching are my top passions. I’ve combined the two professions to coach students as they craft the most important and influential essays of their lives: college admission essays and college scholarship essays.

Storytelling is an intimate endeavor—the blending of voice, style, and life experiences— in which to share the writer’s innermost thoughts, grievances, dalliances, heartaches, and triumphs with the reader. I delight in entertaining and enlightening my audience with each essay I write, and I find pleasure in assisting students in crafting their personal narratives, providing them an edge when it comes to college acceptances and scholarship awards. Everyone has a story to tell, but it’s the delivery that makes a difference in how the story is received by the reader.

With help from Top College Essays, you will tell your story . . . better.

I live what I teach and teach what I live, so you can find my essays published in the following anthologies: