Shaping the Essay that Shapes Your Future

Admissions OfficeYou’ve worked hard for the outstanding GPA, the high ACT or SAT scores, and the glowing recommendations necessary for acceptance into the universities of your choice, yet one college requirement is left to tackle—the college admission essay.

It’s tempting to procrastinate given the pressure to perform at your best and the intensity of the competition. After all, the stakes are high because thousands of students have acquired equivalent GPA’s and ACT scores. This makes the college essay your opportunity to set yourself apart from your peers.

How important is the college admission essay? Consider the essay your college admission interview. It’s your chance to show them who you are as a person. You become real, and you’re no longer just statistics on an application and a transcript. The college essay is your chance to stand out among the fierce competition and to resonate in the minds of the college admissions officers as they review thousands of applications just like yours. They need a reason to remember you. So give it to them.

But you need a plan.

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